need to loosen up

i need to loosen up, sometimes in life you cant always be so serious.. hahaha 
i always thought cause im a martial artist i have to have a serious kind of personality. but i was wrong and i cant, ive tried and its boring, only time im ever serious is when im training. when i look at my master after class i watch him playing with the kids running around acting like a kid.

do i want people to see me for what i do? or for who i am?

whats the use of trying to live a peaceful life, when everywhere you go, everything you read, or see, or listen its all about bloody war and people dying.. 


River flows in you


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I hate all this racism, I hate how we’re all categorized  shut the hell up with all these races, yea I’m Asian, but I don’t give a damn about “Asian pride” I don’t believe in such thing. We’re all human and unique in a certain way. No one is the same, so no one should have the right to put anyone in such groups or judge in such a way. I don’t wanna be labelled as “Asian” but rather a human being, I want people to see me as me, know me as Francis Lozano, I mean wouldn’t you want the same? It’s just not fair…just cause of how we’re categorized  they don’t bother to try to get to know you… *sigh*

People dont realize that hurting themselves doesn’t just affect them, but affects all those around them, all those that care about them, you’re living for your friends and family, not just for yourself.


Bullying hurts, it’s mentally and can be physically painful, it can ruin a persons life forever, it leaves a scar. It’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to fight in the first place. It was either to give up in life and end it or stand up and fight. I chose to fight because I want to be able to help those who can’t, why should I waste my life when I can use it, live it to help others. I know how it feels to cry every night, to be scared to go out, to hate life, to not trust anyone, to be scared to talk to anyone. Having no confidence and self esteem, hating yourself because of how people hate you. It sucks. Yea life isn’t easy, you have to keep fighting to get what you want, But I want to show people that it doesn’t have to be that way! for I’m an example, for I was at that stage where I once was holding a knife inches away from my wrist, but stopped, I stood up, never gave up and now I have friends, I’ve gained respect, I love life. Should be grateful you’re in this world because not every child out there is able to experience life, and would’ve wished they could. So as much as I can I would cherish life cause its a one time gift from god. :) never give up, keep fighting. If you don’t believe in yourself believe in someone who believes in you.

its true, the eyes are the windows to the soul. its clear to those that know you well, but is foggy and blurry to those who don’t. only those close to you can tell how you feel just by looking at you.

people keep looking at the negative side, the bad side of life, of this world. if negativity and evil is all there is in this world, then why does happiness still exist, why do we still smile and laugh. ill only believe such a thing, when there is no one that is happy, smiling or laughing in this world.

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